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Exactly how ugly are Americans?

Let's begin with Joe Wilson, Michael Jordan, Serena Wilson, Kanye West?

I forgot about good ol' Joe in my last post.

Sep. 13th, 2009

Do celebrity meltdowns come in threes? First Michael Jordan, then Serena...

Latest views from the Hubble.  Maybe I want to go afterall.

The people around me!

So you come home to find someone forgot to close the door and your dog has eaten all the roach traps you left out.  Of course you call your in-law who lives 3 miles away to come take you to the vet so you don't have get the inside of your BMW dirty with dog hair.

These are the same people who rented a car to drive to Vegas instead of taking their Beemer.  I mean, if there's a road trip to be taken in America by a BMW it's that dark desert highway to Las Vegas.

BTW, the dog is fine.  The traps have peanut butter in them which attracted her but they don't have enough poison to harm her.

The Beatles

How about being so big you don't have to promote yourself the day before your RockBand and the digital remastering of all you work is released.  It's like the White Album all over again.

A good wedding spoiled

The wedding today turned into a right wing polemic for the sacred institution of heterosexual marriage, including statistics.  This despite the five marriages between the couple.


You Can’t Make This Stuff Up...

Anti-health-care-reform activist, reportedly injured in a fight at a town hall meeting last week, is collecting donations to pay his medical bills because he was recently laid off and lost his health insurance.